Does your vehicle need repair or maintenance work?

Does your vehicle need repair or maintenance work but it is very expensive? Sparesboyz offers you the option of second-hand spares. Accident damaged cars are taken off the road when they are badly damaged. These vehicles have original parts that are still in good condition. You can keep your car in great condition without breaking the bank. Buying used original car spares is an awesome way to make your money go further.  Buying used spares and parts- We can help you.

Where can I get used car parts from?

Sparesboyz Durban provides you with the largest range of good, original car parts. We are you one-stop-shop in automotive parts. Buying used spares and parts- We can help you.

Tips for buying used spares and car parts

  1. Make sure you have a sample of the part you require. This saves you time and money.
  2. Do your research about the supplier
  3. Make sure you have your VIN number on hand
  4. Make sure you go to a reputable spares company

Auto Scrap is valuable parts of a car that has not been damaged in an accident and it is reused for your vehicle at a lower, affordable price. Do not be afraid when you come across auto scrap yards that take full advantage of stripping, accident damaged vehicles. This is a place of gold and valuable parts. We at Sparesboyz do not just sell Auto Scrap parts but we sell good, quality original used parts. We source the best vehicles and we make sure that it is what the customer requires.  Yes, auto scrap parts are here to stay and have set the standards, to give you the best used car parts.

Get down to Sparesboyz now and let us save you money.


To get the best advice on used car parts, contact us on 031 5798500 or visit us at Sparesboyz Durban


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