BMW Motor car

You are with your friends, driving your BMW motor car on the road, it’s a sunset afternoon, all is well until your car suddenly starts acting funny. The mood has sombred down and finally, your car gives out. You discover that it is in need of a spare part. Sparesboyz is the answer to your prayers. Your BMW motor car is your baby and like one, you have to ensure that is willing and able to be on its top performance. Come through to Sparesboyz, where we can give you practical and valuable solutions. With quality assure and checked spares, you will not have an issue about your motor car running on the road smoothly.

Your BMW motor car is a very precious commodity, which is why we take time and care in making sure that the spares that you require, fit exactly into your criteria. You matter to us most, we ensure every step that we take, your needs are met. Whether it is a rim or engine, we able to get the affordable price to fit your pocket. If you have any spares part of a motor car that we are able to buy from, we will be able to do it. Come through to our branches, which are located in Durban and Cape Town, with a team who are more than willing to assist you, after all, we are diligent in everything we do. You can guarantee that anything you need, will be taken with the greatest of care.

If ever you are in need of your motor car taken care of, we are the place to be and we will resolve any issues, you may have with your spares. Don’t take our word for it, come on through and marvel onto the products we have on offer.

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