BMW aftermarket parts vs OEM parts. As a Beemer owner, you will take exceptional car of your pride and joy. This will mean extra expenses with regards to maintenance or conversions. If you take your BMW to an independent mechanic, they will most likely use BMW aftermarket parts. You may ask “is that a problem?”

The answer is that there are always pros and cons to all things in life and you will need to weigh up the options:

BMW Aftermarket Parts

What is an aftermarket part?

Answer: it is a part that is not directly sourced from the BMW manufacturer.

These parts are actually designed to work the same and if not better than the original part. Your job as a consumer is to ensure that you are dealing with an honest and informed mechanic when opting for quality BMW aftermarket parts.


Affordability – aftermarket parts are less expensive depending on the brand. If the price of the part is too good to be true it probably is low quality.

Equal to OEM or better – many consumers have noted that they have ended up with a part better than the one they had before. This is due to “reverse engineering” which works the weaknesses out of the parts. This is especially beneficial when buying aftermarket break pads. It may be a little squeaky but it will work better and last longer than an OEM part.

Variety and availability – there are thousands of companies that make afttremarkjet parts. Everywhere you go, you will find aftermarket parts. Just make sure you use a reputable supplier. Sparesboyz only stocks quality tested aftermarket parts and accessories.


Varied quality – you get what you pay for comes to mind. Just because it’s cheap cheap doesn’t mean it is a bargain. We stock quality but at a fair price for our customers.  

Too many to choose from – this can be overwhelming for even the biggest BMW enthusiast. You may get a bad part that does more damage to your car and costs you more in the long run. Sparesboyz will advise you on how and what parts are suitable for you BMW.

 No warranty – many retailers do not offer warranty on these parts. Always check with them if they do have a warranty and for how long.  

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