Aftermarket car parts are just as good as OEM parts. At Sparesboyz, you will find good quality aftermarket car parts.

Aftermarket car parts are a part that is manufactured by someone that isn’t the original part maker. Aftermarket car parts do not take away the warranty of your car as long as they are direct from the supplier. Aftermarket parts function just as good, if not better than OEM parts.



These parts are available all over South Africa. Just make sure that you use a reputable spares shop like Sparesboyz if you want a quality assured parts.


Let us just say that these parts are ultimately an improvement in OEM parts. This is due to the reverse engineering used that fixes any glitches and strengthens the part. This is a sweet deal when it comes to the maintenance of a vehicle you use daily.


The cherry on the top. These parts are cheaper than OEM parts without compromising the quality. Sparesboyz prides itself on its selection of good car and body parts. We will never lower our quality standards.


Too Many Choices

 With such a large variety, you may feel overwhelmed at the options available. This is why we have a team of friendly and experienced sales representatives to advise and assist you all the way!

Our customers are our business and we will go the extra mile to ensure you are getting the spares you deserve at the best price possible.

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