Regularly changing your cars oil and oil filter has become a daunting mission but you got to know it because it’s an essential need for your motor vehicle.

Part 1

Get your car airborne, I don’t mean flying …I just mean jacked off the ground.
Use either jacks or ramps on a flat even surface. Make sure it’s safe.

Part 2

Allow the car to idle, so the oil can get warm, easier to drain out.
Get a new oil filter, new oil and a draining pan or something to catch the dirty oil.
Oil filter and New oil a mechanic or an Auto Shop can assist

Part 3

Remove oil cap
Open the hood and locate the oil cap on top of the engine. This is where you’ll add oil after you’re done draining the old oil.


Part 4

Ok look for the sump plug under the car, look for a flat metal pan …it should have a bolt or a plug.


Part 5

Loosen the plug counter-clockwise using the proper sized socket.
Once the plug is loose, here comes the oil and make sure, you have a big enough container to catch this oil.

Part 6

Wait, be patient…its takes some time for all the oil to drain out.
In the mean time get the oil filter ready cause that is next.
Locate where the filter is and unscrew it.


Unscrew the oil filter. Get a good grip and twist slow and steadily, counter-clockwise.


Prepare the new filter. Dip the tip of your finger in the new replacement oil and smear it on the gasket ring of the new filter. This will lubricate the gasket and create a good seal for the new filter, and ensure that you’ll be able to get it off the next time.


Carefully screw on the new, lubricated filter, being careful to not cross the threads.

Adding New oil


Now add your oil


Start the engine. Watch to be sure the oil pressure light goes off after start-up. Put your car in park or neutral with the parking brake on to check for any drips and look carefully under the car to check for any leaks or drips. If the filter and drain plug aren’t tight, they may leak slowly. Run the engine for a minute or so to get the pressure up and ensure you’ve installed everything correctly.

All done, oil change.