Sparesboyz would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to a dynamic individual Mbongeleni Mzimela who is going above and beyond to empower the youth of today. Sparesboyz assisting Mbongeleni Mzimela via mentorship, is helping to drive this vision so it becomes a reality.

Read below the touching story of Mbongeleni Mzimela [Original,Unedited material]

My name is Mbongeleni Mzimela (28) CEO and founder of Nguwe Wedwa Youth Development Organization that is mainly based in the Durban South Coast. We are a youth organization that is passionately fighting against the social ills that are destroying the future of our brothers and sisters in many Durban communities. Nguwe Wedwa is well known with a program called “Rise and Shine Talent Search ” that was founded two years ago and is being empowered by Ethekwini Municipality Arts and Living Cultures, Department of Community participation, Safer Cities, and also got supported by local business people in south coast like; Spar Winklespruit, Spar Warner Beach, Shoprite and Checkers Amanzimtoti, Protea Karriden beach hotel, Vukanisakhe Hardware Illovo township, Kings Hardware Winklespruit, and other local business people.

Nguwe Wedwa’s Core Values

  • Professional – Nguwe Wedwa is reliable, honest, and transparent to its supporters, funders, and sponsors.
  • Ethical – Nguwe Wedwa believes in ethical behavior.
  • Visionary –  Nguwe Wedwa lives in the present, focusing on the future and making decisions towards positive long term outcomes, Nguwe Wedwa is simply far-sighted.
  • Patient – Change takes time before the desired results’impact is strongly felt. Nguwe Wedwa is patient on its journey but passionate.
  • Motivated – We are positive change enthusiasts.
  • Transformative – Change is at the heart of a brighter future. A branch that would not bend with the wind would break.

Nguwe Wedwa’s Objectives

  • To help our youth to discover the careers they want to pursue.
  • To help the youth discover their own God-given talents and gifts.
  • To provide positive influences by establishing ways of mentor-ship.
  • To encourage self-responsibility, self-reliance, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To provide training that will enhance and develop our youth talent through events, roadshows, music festivals, talk shows
  • To create platforms for career guidance and support
  • To unearth, expose, groom, and nurture talent continuously.

Nguwe Wedwa develops the youth in the following fields:

  • Entertainment: Music, Dance, Poetry, Film, Theatre
  • Business: Entrepreneurial skills, business opportunities, business seminars
  • Career Guidance: opportunities through the likes of our Life Essentials Programme, how to find bursaries, what one can study without matric
  • Networking: guidance towards the correct channels for their chosen fields

Our program is an annual initiative that is running the whole year, We commence with auditions, Thereafter we do a workshop for our auditionees, from there we take them for rehearsals where there is a professional mentorship we receive from a well-experienced artist, in June they is always a “Semi-Final Talent Search” then we go back to our rehearsals and workshops thereafter we close in November for final.

We were so disturbed by the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 but that has not stopped us from helping our youngsters, It’s therefore with this reason that our Nguwe Wedwa has Implemented a program called “COVID 19 Nguwe Wedwa Feeds the poor Initiative”, We went out to some business people seeking for donations in helping the youth that is less privileged, homeless, and unemployed in rural areas and urban where our support is to make sure they sleep with food, some they get blanket&clothes in this winter. Many have loosed their jobs. and this has made the organization to implement the entrepreneurship mentorship program, that will create jobs for the youth EKASI. We have engaged with SparesBoys which is a company that is owned by a well-experienced businessman who has been running 57 companies that are services countrywide, Our mandate is to create jobs during this hard time and make sure our youth they do sleep with food that will be received by the organization to support them.

As Nguwe Wedwa we must run up and down seeking help and also collecting food parcels from stores that are donating to us. making calls to try and engage with many people, businesses in the community as much as we can. There are certain resources that are limiting the organization, if ever we get to support this shall create a great impact in our community. Already one of the businessmen has donated with the office that needs to be well equipped for this program and this is where most people can reach to us, or drop whatsoever food parcels in SparesBoys Durban 89 Chris Hani Road(Durban north).

Details for food required

  1. 10 KG of Rice
  2. 10 KG maize meal
  3. 10 KG potatoes
  4. 10 KG onion
  5. 10 KG Butternut
  6. Box of Tomato
  7. 5 ltr Oil
  8. Curry Powder
  9. Knorrox
  10. Soup
  11. Teabags
  12. Washing powder
  13. Washing liquid

Resources required

  1. Car(Small one, petrol sever )
  2. Airtime
  3. Laptop X 3
  4. Wifi
  5. Office Furniture
  6. Office maintenance (Water, electricity, and cleaning)

Anyone can contribute towards our “COVID 19 Nguwe Wedwa Feeds the Poor Initiative” would be highly appreciated and save many souls, We don’t wish to stop what has already contributed to the lives of people but making sure we maintain everything for a long term.

For support you can donate to our organization ;

Name of the Bank: FNB
Account no: 62819438971
Account holder: Nguwe Wedwa Youth Development Org.

Regards with much appreciation

CEO of Nguwe Wedwa
Mbongeleni Mzimela