Avoid making decisions when you are angry. Anger is temporary but the outcome of your decision is permanent. At Sparesboyz we believe in 4 steps to success.
1. THOUGHT : Think carefully
2. PLAN : This plan should be a summary of your thoughts.
3. ACTION : Getting things done, this is basically Step 1 and Step 2 combined
4. RESULT : The result is merely Step 1 , Step 2 and Step 3 added together, in other words if you think positive thoughts, your plan is positive, your action is positive …how can your result be anything but POSITIVE. Our invitation to all people out there we want to get into business, feel free to contact us through our blog, so we can help you with the correct strategy after all , its all about building yourself on a solid rock. As the word says: Pointless building a solid career on a sand foundation.