In order to extend our reach to our customers in Pretoria and elsewhere in South Africa and Africa, Sparesboyz now delivers your spares and parts directly to you via overnight courier.

This enables all our customers, far and wide, to benefit from our exceptional customer services and even more exceptional prices for quality parts and spares.


SPARESBOYZ specializes in used and new Citroen spares and parts Pretoria for all models of their extensive range and we are confident we can assist you with any part you are looking for. If for any reason we do not have it in stock, one of our dedicated Citroen specialists in Pretoria will source it for you.

We like to say we have you covered “from bumper to bumper” – we stock all parts from engine parts, electrical, suspension, brakes, headlights down to the smallest radiator cap or bolt.

We sell original, used parts from accident damaged vehicles that are still in great condition at a fraction of the price of the original part. All of these salvaged parts undergo a series of tests to ensure the quality, reliability, safety and durability of the part. The benefit of using original parts is that they fit the same specification as the parts fitted on new vehicles.

We also sell generic Aftermarket parts which are basically parts produced for the vehicle by someone other than the Citroen manufacturers Pretoria. 


Whichever part you buy from us, you can rest assured that the parts we sell you are of high quality, safe and reliable. And affordable too!! 

We are accredited with RMI (Retail Motor Industry) thereby giving our motoring customers quality assurance of our products, our service, and our pricing.


We have branches in both Durban and Cape Town but we are able to offer our service to all our customers anywhere in South Africa and Africa. All it takes is a phone call or email to one of our salesmen and we will then OVERNIGHT courier the part to you. As simple and easy as that!

We look forward to your call.