Braamfontein auto spares new and used car body parts. New and Used engine spares delivered to your door. “The Boyz Group” is the one-stop shop that provides you with all spares from. We supply original used parts – OEM or aftermarket.

We are RMI approved. Our salesmen are well trained in the brand that they specialize in. We are constantly learning and upgrading our current systems to ensure efficiency and quick service. We have all your replacement parts in stock. Place your order now for delivery to BRAAMFONTEIN. Braamfontein auto spares available 24 hours for order and delivery.

Used car parts! Look no further: Sparesboyz your total solution in BRAAMFONTEIN used car body parts for quality used Parts or Spares.


High-quality parts and spares are taken off smashed vehicles and accident damaged vehicles that have been written off. All accident damaged vehicles received into our yard follow a process called Stripping or Dismantling. The car is taken in and is stripped to its shell and every part is taken out carefully and cleaned, tested, re-packaged and ready for use has a good quality USED parts. Why would you purchase this part? ” Why not purchase, I ask you”. the outer of the car has just a cosmetic damage or just a side smash but the remaining of car is still in an excellent condition, A USED part is the original part that you would be looking for at an agent but at Sparesboyz, you get the same original part at an affordable price BUT it has been stripped of an accident damaged vehicle. This USED part is actually saving you money and the hassle of sourcing it from an agent. The same part at a better price. We stock a wide range of used parts and new parts that are suitable for: BMW, Honda, Tata, Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia, SsangYong, Daewoo, Renault, Citroen, Volvo, and Peugeot

Aftermarket Automotive Parts: These are basically generic parts that are affordable and a good alternative to the original part.

“Big and small, we have it all” from body panels, body parts, suspension, mechanical, electrical, interior, engines, gearboxes, fuel, cooling, steering, vent and brake systems.

Midrand used car body parts. Sparesboyz Parts Support online car parts. High-quality car parts available in BRAAMFONTEIN, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, 2001.