The engine is perhaps the most important part of a car. But with today’s cost of living sometimes we need to go for second hand engines.  After all, a car without an engine is basically a large tin can that can’t go anywhere. That’s why many car owners ensure they take care of their car’s engine by having it checked regularly and by not abusing its capacity. However, there may be times when the engine stops functioning, whether it’s because of an accident or a malfunction not covered by the warranty. In such cases, the owner may opt to buy a new car or replace the engine. Purchasing an engine can be expensive, but not as expensive as buying a new car, depending on the circumstances. However, an even better option is buying a used engine.

Advantages of a Buying second hand engines

Buying a second hand engine may be the best decision a car owner makes. That’s because a used engine has some distinct advantages over new ones, namely, saving money, helping the environment, and enhancing reliability.

Saving Money

The first and most obvious advantage of buying a second hand engine is the lower cost. A new engine can be quite expensive, while a used one has already depreciated in value and therefore costs less. For those who may be looking for a good engine at an affordable price, a second hand engine is the way to go.

Helping the Environment

Buying second hand engine prevents still functional engines from ending up in a landfill. The decision to buy a used engine also creates a bigger impact, especially when repairing a car. Many people may think that replacing an engine costs too much and decide buying a car would be a better choice. By choosing to repair a car and replace its engine rather than sending it to the scrap yard, car owners are preventing a large amount of junk from entering the waste stream.


Believe it or not, second hand engines may actually be more reliable than newer ones. These engines have already been tried and tested, and a study by Consumer Reports actually shows that used engines are quite dependable and resist rust.

Parts of an Engine

Replacing an engine can be expensive, so a used engine can be a good alternative. It might even end up being cheaper than buying a new car. An engine consists of several parts that work together to complete the combustion process. The chart below enumerates these different parts: