Durban is responsible for producing thousands of tons of scrap metal waste each year. This is the result of booming automotive, construction, appliances and home furnishing industries. Scrap metal dealers in Durban have seen an opportunity in the market to reduce waste, provide cost effective solutions for removing such waste and ultimately provide a mutually beneficial relationship with the providers of such waste and the companies removing it. 

Sparesboyz is fortunate enough to have built strong connections with the scrap metal dealers in Durban to ensure the correct protocols are in place to maximize the environmental and cost benefits that come with the process of removal.

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Scrap Metal Prices Durban

When it comes to scrap metal prices in Durban, it follows the basic formulae of Supply and Demand. Due to the current downward economic climate conditions, the demand for scrap metal is at a low point and this ultimately results in lower prices for scrap. This furthermore reiterates the fact that recycling is of utmost importance. The automotive industry is the biggest recycler of consumer products in the world, and Sparesboyz ensures it plays a key role in mitigating the negative effects of excess scrap waste, regardless of the financial kickback.

Scrap Metal Removal And Management

Sparesboyz has a dedicated team responsible for the handling and cutting of all vehicle body shells. Their experience is crucial in the proper management of the heavy machinery used in this process. It’s extremely interesting to witness different shells being cut, and the strength of each individual vehicle’s body shells. The strength of the body shell is directly related to the quality of the build, the driving behavior of the vehicle and ultimately the safety of the driver. So next time you’re thinking, which vehicle should I buy? Pay careful attention to the strength and durability of the shell in which you are housed.

When it comes to scrap metal, Sparesboyz Durban has all the knowledge and information ready to share with you. Feel free to visit the store or give us a call, so we can help you make an educated decision regarding anything scrap metal related. We have the most extensive industry knowledge of anyone in Durban, so let us assist you with everything from bumper to bumper to ensure you have the smoothest driving and customer experience in town.