Honestly , How does a car engine work? I am not a car guy and I have no interest in what is under the bonnet of a car and I really do not want to know cause, it seems so complicated but recently I have decided to actually learn the basic understanding of what actually goes on in my car. I was quite surprised after numerous injuries, I think I am getting the hang of my car. I am not a car mechanic but it is good to know, how does a car engine work. An engine is an internal combustion engine because fuel and air combust inside the engine to create the energy to move the pistons, which in turn move the car. That is so cool and amazing. The engine block is the foundation of an engine. Most engine blocks are cast from aluminium alloy and some use iron. The engine block is also referred to as cylinder block. The more cylinders the engine has, the more powerful it is.The shape and the number of cylinders determines, why it is called a V6 OR V8. Pistons move up and down the cylinder. They look like soup cans. Let me explain, how does a car engine work. The psiton lowers in the cylinder sucking air into a cylinder through the intake valve while the fuel injector sprays fuel into the cyclinder. The valve closes and the crankshaft moves the piston up, air-fuel mixture compressed. The pistons reaches the top, the spark plug ignites the fuel-air mixture. This is combustion, forcing the piston to the bottom of the cylinder again. When the piston reaches the bottom the exhaust valve opens up. The piston comes back up, forcing the exhaust out of the cylinder. This is what actually occurs a thousands times per a minute and that is how your car moves.


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