There are many things that are important for a car and clutch kits are one of them. No matter if you are a casual driver or a racer, the clutch will decide how smooth your ride is and helps you keep your vehicle always ready for the road. There are different stages of clutches and if you are a casual driver then you may want to get rid of your old and dusty stock clutch and install a basic clutch kit from Sparesboyz. 

Clutch kit’s prices vary according to the car you own and how much it has been used, regular and adequate operation of each part of the car is important, because even the slightest damage can lead to expensive repairs. A good clutch kit can really help you save your time, resources, and helps you to keep your car and its mechanism up to date without fail. 

You may want to go to your favourite dealers or visit your favourite shops and websites to get the clutch kit, Sparesboyz is here to make you aware about the facts and points you need to keep in mind while buying a clutch kit. SparesBoyz has an array of clutch kits for you, and you can check them out in their SACHS clutch kit catalog available on their website. 

Table Of Content

    1. A clutch kit has 3 parts
    2. Clutch kit Personal use
    3. Clutch Kit Work or Commercial use
    4. Clutch kit Street Performance
    5. Clutch kit Full Racing


A clutch kit has 3 parts

  • Friction Plate 
  • Pressure Plate 
  • Release Bearing

Only after careful consideration of all the relevant factors, can you come up with a decision that will give you a clutch kit with the performance and life expectancy to be considered a true value-adding part. 

Depending on the usage of the vehicle in these four ways for personal use,  for work (commercial) use,  for street performance and for the race track most vehicles are used in various combinations of the above as well. Noting all these factors, let’s look at the specifics of each type of use.

Clutch kit Personal use

If you choose the right clutch to suit your vehicle it can significantly improve the quality of your drive. When fitting your clutch, make sure you are fully aware of the correct installation procedure and seek professional advice about any queries. In this case, an aftermarket clutch kit with OE parts would be the best value since these kits are usually less expensive than through a dealer. If you are planning on keeping the car for a while, this is definitely the way to go. If you are considering selling the car soon, a cheaper kit made from low-cost foreign parts may be a possible option. However, the most expensive part of a clutch job is the installation, and if the bearing should squeal or fail, or the friction material wears very quickly, then that less expensive clutch kit will end up costing you more money, even in the short run.

Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit Work or Commercial use

 Pickup trucks used for work are often used to haul loads beyond the original design intent. These trucks may also have been modified to increase the original horsepower and torque ratings of the engine to meet these demands. If this is the case, then a moderately upgraded clutch kit with long-life friction materials is the way to go. It is important to let your clutch supplier know how much any modifications have increased the horsepower and torque ratings of the engine. Tire and exhaust modifications should be noted as well. Try to be as accurate as possible so that the clutch is properly matched to your truck. 

Also, discuss any other issues like pulling trailers or working off-road. Clutches need to be matched to the torque output and specific vehicle use. A Stage 5 clutch in an unmodified truck will give a hard clutch pedal and a very abrupt engagement. In addition, radically increasing the torque capacity of the clutch means that the rest of the drive-train needs to be upgraded as well; otherwise, those parts will fail prematurely and possibly cause safety issues.

Clutch Kit 2

Clutch kit Street Performance

 If you plan to race your vehicle in any capacity, then it will change what type of clutch disc you will require. For example, a street disc is made of organic material and thus is intended for smooth engagement and long life. It is not intended in any way for drag racing! If you choose the wrong clutch for your car, it will quickly slip and shatter. However, a street disc is great for road racing and normal driving with a higher power. It is eminently suitable for high-speed freeway drives.

 A moderately modified car, usually with a chip or exhaust mod only usually fits into a Stage 2 clutch kit which allows the car to be a great daily driver but stays with you when you get on it. This could either feature a higher clamp load pressure plate with premium friction, or an OE pressure plate with a Kevlar long-life friction material clutch disc. For more highly modified vehicles, a Stage 3 through 5 is available with increased clamp loads and specially designed clutch discs. Discuss your options carefully with your clutch supplier and know what you are buying and why.

Clutch Kit 3


Clutch kit Full Racing

At this point you are only concerned about one thing, winning! Money is just the cost of doing business on the track. So, you have done your engineering, know your vehicle, and know who the professionals are in the business you can trust. At this level, we see multi-plate clutch packs with smaller diameters for instantaneous response and high-end friction materials, lightened high-strength alloys, and application-specific release systems that last a few races at best. Their value is judged solely by their contribution to winning

 We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have more detailed questions, send us an email or give us a call.